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About us

Foundry Research Institute in Cracow

ZakopiaƄska Street 73,
30-418 Cracow, Poland,

tel. +48 12 26 18 324,
fax. +48 12 26 60 870,
NIP: 675-000-00-88,
REGON: 000031331,,,

GPS - N 50°1‘13.512", E 19°55‘53.328"

The main activities of Foundry Research Institute:

  • foundry research and development, assistance in metallurgy and technology of making castings from different cast materials (grey, alloyed, spheroidal and vermicular graphite cast irons, cast steel, alloys of alumininium, copper, magnesium zinc, tin, indium, titanium, nickel and cobalt, composite materials),

  • development of sand mould and permanent mould (die) casting processes, of pressure die casting technology, squeeze casting, and investment casting process using wax patterns, of the evaporative pattern casting (EPC), and of other special processes,

  • testing mechanical properties of cast materials and physico-chemical and technological properties, examination of the specific structure of the primary and auxiliary foundry materials, examination and identification of defects in cast products, simulation and optimising of foundry processes,

  • development and implementation of reclamation systems with effective utilisation of foundry waste,

  • designing and making prototype castings using simulation of the process of metal feeding and mould filling with molten metal, simulation of solidification, simulation of stress formation, and Rapid Prototyping System in Laminated Object Manufacturing technique with CAD/CAM application,

  • statistical analysis of casting production, of cost components, and of current world trends in foundry practice,

  • processing and dissemination of information on foundry science, technique and economy (INFOCAST database) and of information on standardisation,

  • scientific and technical cooperation with similar research and development centres abroad, organisation of training workshops, conferences and seminars,

  • certification of foundry products, of auxiliary materials for foundry industry, of machines and equipment, and of control and measuring instruments for foundry (Office of Product Cetification),

  • assistance in quality systems and environmental management.