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Structural projects

"Advanced materials and technologies for their manufacture"

"International Patent Protection of Varieties of the Design of Composite Passive Armour Protection"

"International Patent Protection of a Method for the Manufacture of Precision Castings"

Projects completed:

  • "Development of innovative design and manufacturing technology for cast elements of agricultural machines"
  • "The Centre for Promotion and Implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy in foundry sector" - Project co-financed from EU funds and the state budget (Interactive map of distribution of foundries in Małopolska)
  • "The development of entrepreneurship and growth of innovativeness through the organisation of and additional equipment for Rapid Prototyping Centre at the Foundry Research Institute in Krakow"
  • "Providing the Complex of Laboratories with advanced apparatus for testing of cast materials" 
  • "The development of innovative technology for production of complete rockers from aluminium alloys"
  • "Models of monuments for disabled tourists on the Royal Route in Cracow"
  • "Foresight of foundry technologies in the context of Energy by 2030"
  • "Retrofitting the research infrastructure of Małopolskie Centre for Innovative Technologies and Materials"
  • "Comprehensive computerisation of the Foundry Research Institute through the implementation of advanced applications and upgrading hardware and network infrastructure"
  • "Research and development of modern technology of cast materials resistant to thermal fatigue"
  • "Improving the reliability of lead-free soldered joints in electronic packages"