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Company Presentation

The Foundry Research Institute (FRI), Krakow, Poland, est. 1946, is the leading governmental R&D institution for foundry industry in Poland supervised by the Ministry of Economy. As recognition of its scientific and innovative achievements, the FRI belongs to a group of R&D institutions of the highest rating A by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. There are 113 employees, 55 researchers include 7 professors and 24 doctors.

The Institute has modern capability for computer simulation of casting processes (MAGMA, ABAQUS, FluidFlow, PANDAT) and advanced facility for rapid prototyping, melting and low-scale production of cast components from Al, Mg, Zn, Sn, Cu, Ni, Fe, Co, Ti alloys, metal-ceramic composites, functionally graded materials, cellular metals and alloys by conventional sand and die casting, investment casting and advanced pressure-assisted processes (squeeze casting, high pressure die casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, hot isostatic pressing).

There are, among others, Center for Casting Design and Prototyping, Center for High Temperature Studies, Accredited Laboratories for Materials Characterization, Division for Certification and Standardization and Center for Competence for Advanced Foundry Technology that focuses on various aspects of the integration of the Polish R&D potential in the foundry S&T with European Research Area (ERA).

The annual budget is about 7 million Euros, about 80% of which is generated through competition research projects and industrial contracts.