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Established in 1946



The leading intention of the Foundry Research Institute is to effectively face the needs of foundry science and practice both at home and abroad. Therefore, in our activities, we focus attention on the execution and coordination of scientific and R&D works, on the analytical and exploratory studies, and on the development of innovative solutions in the field of technique, technology, organisation, and economy. Of particular importance is an effective dissemination of the study outcomes and implementation of the obtained results in industry to achieve full satisfaction of our Partners and Customers.

We aim at being perceived as a modern, efficiently managed and effectively operating, fully mobile, research and development centre. Our work should be creative and at the same time help our staff in development and self-realisation, with fair payments and satisfaction, offered especially to those who are responsible, full of invention, and active.

To protect cultural heritage as well as the knowledge and experience collected throughout the years, we strive to make the Foundry Research Institute a leading, competent, opinion-creating and training-information centre with ambitions to shape the national policy regarding functioning and development of the whole foundry sector in Poland, ensuring its important position in the European and global research and development area, technique, legislation and organisation.


                                      Director of the Institute


Prof. Jerzy J. Sobczak, DSc. PhD. Eng.


Kraków, 21 April 2007